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What happend so far?

We are the apptimists.

A small team of makers,
thinkers, explorers and the
creators of StauMobil.

We build mobile applications
that make life easier.

Growing up in the mobile generation, we see a gap in location-aware applications.

We set out to solve the problem of
getting the right information
at the right location at
the right time.

Get rid of traffic jams.

We built StauMobil because we hate it been stuck in traffic without knowning whats happening in front of us. Is there an accident or just too much cars on the highway?
Follow 7 million others and download traffic updates around you.

StauMobil is an easy-to-use application for iOS and Android showing traffic incidents around your area.


We <3 open source projects.

Open source projects are highly valuable because
most often they are the starting point for
business opportunities and incubating new ideas.

Open source software means creativity, collaboration and communication and we enjoy contributing to existing open source projects as well as open-sourcing
our own projects, like this website.

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